All our packaging and branding materials are recycled, recyclable and/or biodegradable.

Clear compostable & biodegradable bags made from corn starch
These bags are fully biodegradable which means that they break down to CO2 and water which can then be reused in the eco system to make new plants. This will happen in either in home or commercial composting or landfill. They will still break down to CO2 and water but in commercial composting the temperature will be higher and the process is much quicker. In a colder home composter it will just take longer.

Compostable white pizza boxes
Recyclable and biodegradable, these boxes conform to the EN13432 standard for compostability and will fully break down in 8-12 weeks in a commercial facility. Made from sustainably sourced cardboard, the material is recycled white chip board, which is a post-product from the consumer and manufacturing waste sector.

Custom tissue paper
Soy-based ink, completely acid free and FSC Certified. Soy ink is a kind of ink made from soybeans. As opposed to traditional petroleum-based ink, soy-based ink is more environmentally friendly and makes it easier to recycle paper. 'FSC' stands for Forest Stewardship Council, an organization that works to promote the practice of sustainable forestry worldwide. The Forest Stewardship Council ensures customers have the option to choose forest products like paper and wood that have been sourced in an environmentally-friendly, socially responsible and economically viable manner. Acid-free paper is paper that is infused in water yields a neutral or basic pH (7 or slightly greater). It is also lignin and sulphur free.

Clear compostable & biodegradable seals
Clear 19mm diameter seals made in the UK from cellulosed based 'plastic', they are fully biodegradable and compostable even including the adhesive.

Custom stickers
Biodegradable stickers made from white, wood-free, elemental chlorine free, non-coated paper with a permanent acrylic adhesive which conforms to the standard EN13432.They can be applied to a compostable packaging that will still be considered as compostable according to EN13432 if the label represents less than 1% of the total weight of the packaging. They will biodegrade into CO2, water and minerals within 6 months.

Thank you cards
Premium recycled matte business cards feature 100% post-consumer recycled paper.

Greyboard stiffeners
A low grade, 100% recycled, grey coloured board. Recyclable, biodegradable and reusable.

Biodegradable paper parcel tape
Rubber based adhesive and acid free paper sourced from EU. Tape manufactured in the UK. A biodegradable alternative to plastic parcel tape it is not only recyclable, biodegradable and compostable but also made in the UK.

For most domestic packages we use recycled Kraft paper, for extra protection all international parcels are packaged in a recycled polythene.