Underwater Meadow Collection 20 Pieces


Underwater Meadow Collection 20 Pieces

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Underwater Meadow Collection 20 Pieces

Product details

Underwater Meadow is a curated collection of fabric snippets and includes twenty small pieces of sari fabric trim, and embellishments, as well as delicate lace, velvet, opulent brocade, and intricately embroidered pieces, each measuring 2" up to 5" in length and width. The colour palette is bright and fresh with aqua, yellow, pink, lilac, silver and gold tones and lot's of adornments such as sparkling bits and other dazzling bohemian textures!

Our high-quality materials are not only beautiful, but ethical too, as each piece is repurposed from textile waste. This makes our products the perfect choice for conscious crafters who want to make a positive impact on the environment! But our fabrics and trims are not only sustainable, they're sure to inspire your creativity too, whether you're into scrapbooking, junk journaling, applique, collage, mixed media work or slow stitching you can create unique and beautiful pieces whilst also helping the planet!